There are two main categories of Wheelhouse, fixed or folding.  The fixed version like the steel one pictured  on the right will require windows and doors, a couple of the windows will need to open for ventilation.

The folding Wheelhouse, as pictured at the bottom of the page, is a typical Dutch Wheelhouse that slopes as do the windows in the aft cabin.

The roof needs to be lightweight and insulated, I use a thin ply that is epoxy resined and insulated with King-Span, to keep the heat in and to keep the rays from the sun out, on the inside is ply or thin T&G, these three layers are bonded together, a hardwood lipping goes around the outside.

The roof is usually divided into three or four separate panels, depending on the size of the roof, these sit on Aluminum 4×2 gutter sections that run fore & aft are clad with hardwood inside to stop condensation.   The roof is held down with Brass Toggle Clamps.

Wheelhouse’s can get very hot, to help combat this Pilkington Solar Control Glass can be used, this is an insulating glass that reflects sun light, to help the inside stay cool.

The doors need to be lift off stable type doors, hung using stainless heavy duty hinges, they can open in or out, depending on side deck layout.

The frames each side are also on lift off hinges, fore and aft frames are on heavy duty fixed stainless butts.

Folding Wheelhouse (Fowey Bell)