Skylight’s can vary greatly in size from a small Pigeon box for a Narrowboat to a lift-off skylight on a Barge, big enough to allow large items of furniture such as sofa’s or heavy items like washing machines to be lowered down.

Construction is the same whatever the size, the base is joined together using Comb Joints, running down the center is the gutter with a groove each side to take away the rain,on top of that is the ridge section, this is where the openers are hinged.

The hinges can be heavy duty butts or fancy straps made from Bronze or Brass. The bars over the glazing are solid Brass or Stainless, the glass being laminated on the outside. The Double Glazed unit are bedded in Sika-Flex, the glass is flush on the top so rain can run off.


The type of lifter used will depend on the size of the Skylight, a small skylight that can be pushed up will only need a manual lifter to keep it open, larger skylights can be to heavy to push up and will require a crank operated lifter.